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SEC Company Registration System - Regular Corporation

The Company Registration System (CRS) is the full automation and online pre-processing of corporations and partnerships, licensing of foreign corporations and other applications requireing SEC approval.

The SEC as the corporate register of domestic companies and foreign corporations doing business in the Philippines takes pride to be in the forefront of introducing and implementing reforms by making business registration process simpler, faster, more efficient and more transparent.

Company Registration - OPC & Less Than 5 Incorporators

This interim registration system will be available while the Enhanced Community Quarantine is in effect to facilitate application for registration of One Person Corporation and corporations with 2-4 incorporators. The system will allow an applicant or its duly appointed representative to submit the proposed company name and input details of the articles of incorporation for review of the Commission.

Capital Market Participants Registry System

The CMPRS is an online information system that allows online submission of applications for registration and processing of annual fees of capital market participants (institutions and individuals). It supports uploading of documents for initial screening and has the facility to send email notification for the assessment of fees. Once payment is made and the original documents are submitted, it used for final processing, generation and release of Certificate of Registration and Certificate of Payment of Annual Fees.